Come and GROW With Us!

Join us on Sunday morning for the following cluster group classes.
There’s a space for YOU!

9:50 am Upstairs:

Adult Witness Class
(New section; down left hallway, second door on the left)

Ranging from young adult to middle age groups, The Witness group examines a broad spectrum of topics that are not only foundational to our faith development, but also relevant to everyday life practices and the circumstances we often encounter. Sessions are conversational and relaxed. Your voice and your witness matter!  We hope you’ll join us on Sunday morning.

Senior Explorer Class
(Located in the sanctuary)

The senior explorer class offers a learning atmosphere for middle-aged adults and up.  With an accompanying teaching aid/guidebook these class sessions present stimulating lessons that explore the biblical message and teach daily living applications. As a part of this class, you’ll move from a focus on the Word of God to personal, family, church and community concerns. Every Sunday is an exploration! See you there.

Jr. & Sr. High Youth Class
(Located in the Loft area above the sanctuary)

Middle and high school students in this class learn to confront and engage current events occurring in the world around us and discuss them from a biblical perspective. In a culture that pulls us in so many different directions, how do we model a life that is Christ-like? Join us for thought-provoking video segments and great follow-up discussion in a comfortable environment. Bring a friend!


9:50 am Downstairs:

K-2nd; Elementary Classes
(2nd and 3rd classrooms on the left)

In each of these age-appropriate classes, kids will learn about God’s love and their place in God’s family through a rich curriculum that features biblical stories, interactive hands-on activities and creative crafts. When you come, there’s always a good helping of faith, friends and fun.

During Worship: 11:00am

(New section; Down left hallway; 2nd room on the right)

Each Sunday during worship, volunteers provide childcare for infants and toddlers in the nursery. If you’re a parent with a little one, please be assured that you are welcome in worship. We consider the sights and sounds from babies in the congregation to be a blessing. However, if at any point you need to dismiss yourself in order to care for your child, please feel free to do so. Our nursery attendants are happy to help.


Children’s Church
(Out through sanctuary; downstairs; 1st room on the left)

At an appointed time during worship, all children up to 3rd grade are dismissed with church volunteers for an interactive game, craft or corresponding lesson. Sometimes, depending on group size and weather conditions, kids are taken outside or to the fellowship hall.