Greetings in the name of a risen Savior!

I consider it a joy and privilege to welcome you to Wayne United Methodist Church! As pastor, let me say that we’re delighted to share this space with you in worship. Whether you’re just visiting with family or you’re actively seeking a church home, we hope your time with us is refreshingly hospitable and worship-filled. But even more than that, I pray this be the space where you encounter the hope, joy, passion and purpose that is only discovered in a growing knowledge of Jesus Christ and an understanding of His unmatched grace.

The dizzying pace of life constantly seems to push us into an isolated and self-focused existence. When life takes this complexion, should we be surprised to find that it’s really no life at all? Jesus said, “I came so that you might have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). I trust that the more we seek to live as disciples for Christ in mission and service to the world, the more we’ll affirm the truth in Jesus’ words and discover an authentic fullness of life unrivaled by any other worldly pursuit. More than ever before, the Gospel needs to be heard and seen. Let me challenge you to stand united with us as we seek to help people find, know and share Christ’s blessings.

We hope you’ll join us for Sunday school, starting at 9:50am, followed by morning worship at 11am. You’re strongly encouraged to come as you are in whatever feels comfortable. One could describe the style of worship on Sunday morning to be more “traditional” in feel, with a contemporary flair in special music and choral selections. From the first note sung to the last word spoken, our sole collective ambition is to honor God and grow as a body of Christ in mission and service to the world. We readily and prayerfully anticipate seeing you soon.

Thanks again for visiting!

For the Glory of God,

Pastor Devin Olachea