United Methodist Women

The Wayne United Methodist Women believe that our mission is to be God’s hands whether it be providing food to families during an illness or following a hospital stay or the loss of a loved one. One of our missions is helping the Christian Builders by providing a new stove for the recipients of a new home built by their group. We cook, visit, clean and decorate or anything else that is needed by the church. In all these things our goal and prayer is that any glory is for God alone. One way we earn money for these projects is by catering dinners for groups such as class reunions, holiday dinners or any group that meets and wants to eat good, home cooked food. Call (304) 638-3205 to inquire. God bless you!


United Methodist Men

The Methodist Men of WUMC use their resources and talents for the upkeep and beautification of the church and property. Our mission is also to provide assistance to other missions within the church structure as well as provide a helping hand and show compassion by ensuring the elderly and sick can function as normally as possible. This is done by projects as big as building ramps or steps for access or as simple as giving some one a ride or helping them do minor tasks. For more information call (304) 563-9986 for details. May God bless you!