The Wayne United Methodist Youth group is composed of Jr. High and Sr. High youth from a variety of different parts in the county who love God and are passionate about reaching out to our neighbors. We meet regularly over the course of each month, typically on Sunday evenings from 5-7pm.

In an effort to help people find, know and share Christ’s blessings, our programming has three components that center around Education, Recreation and Service. Regardless of the emphasis, you can expect to find a welcoming space to hang out with friends, eat some good food, take part in great discussion and, most importantly, have fun growing in one’s faith.



SNL (Sunday Night Live) is a space we construct for discussion of current life issues and the ways in which we can look at them through a biblical lens. No topic is taboo. SNL helps youth to think about big questions about God, the person of Jesus, ourselves and our relationships. How does one live faithfully and strong as a young Christian in a world that pulls us in so many directions? SNL is a comfortable, relaxed discussion environment that seeks to address such questions.


From bowling outings and game nights to pool parties and lock-ins, WUMC youth attempts to gather each month just to have a good time. These are excellent opportunities to invite friends, relax and get away from the frequent stressors that often come with teenage life. We hope you’ll check out the church calendar or events page to mark the date for our next outing!


As ones who are committed to loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbors as ourselves, we’re intentional to reach out to our surrounding community to be the hands and feet of Christ in powerful and practical ways. Oftentimes there are opportunities to put our faith in action through the help of local agencies or existing ministries within the church.

Join us! Two hours of time doesn’t seem like much, but a little is a lot when it’s done in the name of Christ. Hope to see you soon.