A Sure Thing

Have you ever been in an impossible circumstance, one in which it just didn’t seem that it could work out at all?  Today’s scripture looks at an impossible circumstance – and we find out...

Saving Us By His Love

Jesus makes the question of the greatest commandment simple and clear, and then makes the claim that He is the Messiah as simple as well.

Glory Sighting

God promises that He would go with us.  What a comfort!  But should we be merely content with the promise of His presence?

An Event

In this passage, Jesus discusses what occurs at a wedding – a normally joyous event in any time or place. But what occurs at this one is not a happy occasion for everyone.

The Ground

Jesus had a great deal to say about the soil.  His audience, men and women who knew what it was like to work the ground, would have immediately grasped his message. 

Best Friends

Of all the things we can have, friendships are among the most treasured ones.  But no matter how close our ties...